This course is designed to provide an entry level introduction to employment in the uniformed services such as the police, emergency fire services or armed forces. The course includes practical units in careers, emergency responding, forensic investigation, health and fitness, English and Mathematics, it will provide you with a range of practical experiences that will prepare you for pursuing a public services career. 

The BTEC Level 1 Diploma in Sport and Active Leisure will provide you with opportunities to develop a range of skills and techniques essential for successful performance in the sport and leisure industry. This course will allow you to achieve a nationally recognised Level 1 work-related qualification. We look improve your literacy and numeracy skills whilst on the course.

The level 2 Public service course provides the ideal stepping stone into a wide range of exciting careers in the uniformed services, including the Army and police force. You will benefit from the expertise of teachers who also have backgrounds in the armed forces and other Public services.

If you want to get a job in the sports and leisure industry, then this course is ideal for you. You will study fitness testing and training, practical sport, anatomy and physiology for sport, sports injury, planning and leading sports activities, technical skills and tactical awareness for sport and exercise and fitness instruction. You may also wish to retake GCSE’s in English and mathematics.

The BTEC Public Services Level 3 course is aimed at students who would like to join either the emergency services or the armed forces. The programme of study and activities allows participants to develop a good level of awareness before deciding on their future career. he skills developed on this programme will enable learners to meet changing circumstances, whether they arise from a shift in their own sphere of employment, promotion to supervisory or management roles, or from general changes in the public services environment.