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Survey of Year 12 students - Penny Fawcus, Associate Principal Core Learning, Support and Curriculum Operations
by CRC-VLE Administrator - Monday, 26 January 2015, 9:49 AM

Are you a Year 12 student who made the transfer from school to CRC in September 2014?  Could you please take a few minutes to complete a short online survey about your application process to help improve the experience for future students in the Cambridge region?

Here is the link to the survey:  and thank you for taking the time.

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Office 365 Account - Phil Knight, Deputy Head of Communications and IT
by CRC-VLE Administrator - Monday, 22 December 2014, 7:27 AM

As student at CRC you will automatically get a Microsoft Office 365 Account when you enrol.This will give you access to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) as well as the cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive. Simply logon to your 365 account by following this link: https://login....

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e-Learning Induction Materials
by CRC-VLE Administrator - Tuesday, 10 September 2013, 10:13 AM

The e-Learning team at CRC have put together some guidance to help learners to access the many useful e-Learning systems we provide inside and outside the college. This PowerPoint can be downloaded by learners who want to figure things out for themsleves or used by tutors during induction. Click the link above to download the materials.


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